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Next-Generation Chemistry, Superior Release Performance, Maximized Cost-Effectiveness

Miller-Stephenson has been at the forefront of release agent chemistries since the early 1960s, providing our customers with superior release coatings and custom formulated mold release agents tailored for their specific applications. Our diverse mold release portfolio provides more than just release of your molded part, our highly specialized formulations are designed, from their inception, to improve surface quality, provide more releases from a single application, and minimize or eliminate any post-molding cleaning steps. Utilizing our next generation release polymer technology, our ReleaSys portfolio provides cutting edge performance, cost-effectiveness and throughput. We offer a dedicated team of technical specialist and formulation chemists who will worked closely with you to help identify your specific manufacturing requirements and provide a optimal solution for your needs.  Benefits of working with Miller-Stephenson include:

  • Dedicated Team of Application Specialist and Formulation Experts
  • Fully integrated Production and Manufacturing Center
  • Immediate off-site and on-site Technical Assistance
  • Customized Solvent, Water, and Aerosol Coatings
  • Next-Generation Modular Chemistry – provides rapid customization ability

Dedicated Technical Staff and Optimized Release Formulations

Miller-Stephenson has prioritized its business model to leverage its unique capabilities of rapid formulation development, advanced thin-film technology, and superior engineering insight to provide its customers a superior portfolio of release agents coatings and custom formulated mold release agents. Launched in 2016, Miller-Stephenson now offers a pilot-plant facility dedicated to optimizing and customizing our formulations to your specific needs.  As modern manufacturing processes become faster, hotter, and more technically challenging, we recognize that our release coatings and mold lubricants are being pushed to their limits by production engineers.  In response, Miller-Stephenson has launched its ReleaSys™ product line, a robust series of release coatings designed specifically to meet these increasing complex production challenges. Moreover, given our implementation of next-generation modular chemistry and formulation design, we can quickly and efficiently re-work our formulations to make a 100% unique and optimized solution for your requirements.

ReleaSys™ Custom Formulated Mold Release: Advanced Chemistry, Unmatched Performance, Superior Technical Support – a potent combination

Addressing the growing complexity of the molding industry, specifically more complicated mold configurations, shorter cycle times, and increasingly challenging/tacky moldable substrates, ReleaSys™ represents a product line specifically designed to address these complicated issues. If one of our “off the shelf” variants is not optimal for your process, Miller-Stephenson will deploy their team of formulation and technical experts to develop a custom formulated mold release solution for your exclusive needs.  Our proprietary modular chemistry, unlike other companies, makes this process rapid and efficient, saving you the laborious and costly task of numerous trial and error phases seen with other release agents companies. Miller-Stephenson prides itself on provide the best release agent solution to you, the first time.  Customers who are utilizing our ReleaSys product line typical see the following benefits:

  • Superior part release: Our ReleaSys product is formulated to maximize releases per applications and optimize part quality.  This means reduced down time, reduced scrap rates, and optimal throughput.
  • Non-Reactive Coatings: Miller-Stephenson’s coatings contain advanced polymers which rapidly form durable, anti-stick films on the mold surface providing a perfect, low-energy releasing barrier for your sensitive molding formulations. Our products are guaranteed to not interact with your formulation, maintaining ideally surface quality and desired finish properties.
  • Higher efficiency: ReleaSys was designed to maximize releases per applications and minimize mold fouling, which ultimately leads to less time spend applying mold release agents and less time cleaning up the residue lesser release agents leave behind.
  • Water-based, no VOC emissions, cleaner safer working environments: In regions that have strict VOC regulations and air quality permitting, or if your company require products that are safer and have no odor, Miller-Stephenson has developed a portfolio of products that are water-based and VOC-free. Not only do these products provide you with a solution to lowering your VOC output, they also provide optimal performance just like the solvent-based products you’re used to.
  • Optimized surface finish: ReleaSys are formulated to provide a variety of surface finishes.  From high gloss, semi-gloss, or matte, we have a specialized formulations to meet your needs. Our solutions can meet your surface finish specifications without the greasy and oily residues left behind by other mold release agents.
  • Minimal or Zero Transfer: Our customized release formulations are designed to crosslink forming a robust, durable film on the mold surface which results in minimal transfer to our part. This means any secondary operations, such as painting or gluing are not effected, reducing the need for time-wasting clean-up.
  • Higher quality parts: Miller-Stephenson has developed specialized formulation targeting specific molding substrates. Our formulations are perfectly balanced which results in a product line that offers lower build-up on tooling and less sticky, greasy residues making for higher quality parts and lower rejection rates.
  • Hot or Cold Molding: Regardless of your molding temperatures, we have optimized formulations for both heated and unheated molding process.  Our rapid cure formulations provide exception release ease and fast dry times even on chilled molds.

50+ years of Industry Expertise at your service

Miller-Stephenson has had a long history in numerous molding industries, and our ReleaSys™ brand of products are respected around the world for quality and reliability. When you purchase Miller-Stephenson ReleaSys Semi-Permanent mold release agents you not only get industry leading products, you also gain access to our many years of direct production floor experience and Custom Formulated Mold Release Solutions. We understand your production issues and can help you optimize your mold preparation, maintenance and release processes to improve your bottom line.

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