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Silicone Free Release Agents | ReleaSys™ Coatings

Zero Oily transfer, No Post-Molding Cleaning, Superior Surface Quality and Predictable Release

Miller-Stephenson has pioneered the development and application of silicone-free release agents since the late 1960s. Our close relationship with aerospace and automotive companies provided us the early directive to develop and refine silicone free release agents.  This was due to standard silicone release agents issues such as excessive transfer, oily parts, cross-contamination, and interference with post-molding operations such as painting, bonding, and adhesion.  This would require the implementation of time-wasting cleaning, construction of specialize spray booths, and the constant worry of silicone transfer throughout the production floor.  As pioneers in the mold release industry, Miller-Stephenson develop sophisticated replacements for silicone release agents, developing a portfolio of products designed specifically for replacement of silicone in rubber, polyurethane, composite, and epoxy molding operations.  These specialized coatings are available in both solvent and water-based formulations and offer equivalent and often times superior release performance, durability, and ease of application. Most importantly our silicone free release agents provide 100% paintable release, meaning no post molding cleaning is necessary. Moreover our ReleaSys silicone free release agents should be your first choice for rubber-to-metal bonding operations, thanks to our zero transfer, non-oily, dryfilm release systems.  Benefits of our release systems include:

  • 100% Silicone free
  • Durable, Efficient Release
  • Zero Transfer, cross contamination or migration
  • Non-oily, no build-up
  • No interference with post-molding operations
  • Water and Solvent based options available

 ReleaSys™ Silicone Free Release Agents – Unmatched Release, No messy transfer: a potent combination!

Our non-silicone release systems such as ReleaSys™ 7200, ReleaSys™ DF, ReleaSys™ EP5, and ReleaSys™ 8200, represent the most advanced non-silicone chemistries currently available. These coatings provide supreme surface quality, ease of application, predictable release, excellent cost effectiveness, and zero transfer.  These coatings have been optimized for specific molding substrates and configurations.  We offer specialized non-silicone release agents for polyurethane, synthetic and natural rubbers, epoxies and composites, plastics, and engineered wood. Most specifically our silicone free release agents are particularly effective for molders working with silicone, LSR, and silicone rubbers.  Products like the ReleaSys™ DF and ReleaSys™ 8200 are exceptional choices for molders performing this operation.

Why use Silicone Free Release Systems?

Non-Silicone release agents are ideal suited for operations where post-molding finishing is critical such as painting, bonding, or gluing.  Oily transfer from standard silicone release agents will inhibit those operations from working properly causing significant scrap and downtime.  Some companies choose to compensate for the silicone oil transfer by washing the part after molding with aggressive solvents.  This reduced throughput, increases worker exposure, is time consuming, and expensive. Moreover silicone oils are incredible difficult to remove properly and migration into more critical production areas is always a potential issue. Silicone free release agents allow you to remove those extra cleaning steps from your process and no longer worry about silicone oils shutting down your paint shop or ancillary production areas due to silicone oil migration. Those manufacturers looking to optimize their production throughput, eliminate/reduce time consuming post molding cleaning process, and reduce their post-molding worries, Miller-Stephenson has the advanced chemistry, technical experience, and customer service to provide you the right product the first time!

Superior Release Coatings & Unmatched Customer Service

For any assistance with proper application, storage, or general technical assistance please see the links below or call our technical service linecontact our support online or review our ReleaSys product line.  Miller-Stephenson has a team of molding release experts ready to help you.  Our pedigree in the molding industry and relationship with molding operations, both large and small, provide our technical team with a dynamic perspectives and ‘real-world’ practicality. Our staff hold the skills and experience needed to make sure your molding operation is cost-effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe.

50+ years of Industry Expertise at your service

Miller-Stephenson has had a long history in numerous molding industries, and our ReleaSys™ brand of products are respected around the world for quality and reliability. When you purchase Miller-Stephenson ReleaSys Semi-Permanent mold release agents you not only get industry leading products, you also gain access to our many years of direct production floor experience. We understand your production issues and can help you optimize your mold preparation, maintenance and release processes to improve your bottom line.

For help with application or troubleshooting concerns while using ReleaSys.

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