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Endoscope Lubricants

TriboSys™ | Endoscope Lubricants Medical Oils & Greases

How do TriboSys™ endoscope lubricants minimize repair downtime and increase reliability?

Flexible colonoscopy scopes (endoscopes) are utilized worldwide  for examination of the large bowel and distal part of the small bowel utilizing a long flexible, tubular fiber optic camera. This camera provides visual diagnosis of lesions and pre-cancerous polyps. These specialty scopes are engineered with a series of important O-rings and specialty seals that play a critical role in operation articulation, longevity. Just within the endoscopes small operation knob there is over ten critical O-rings that are instrumental in its use. Due to the instrument’s impressive 90° flexible articulation and multiple use biopsy channels, there becomes a need for keeping these numerous critical O-rings and parts conditioned to operate seamlessly. This can be accomplished by utilizing Miller-Stephenson’s line of  endoscope lubricants which are PFPE oil based. Our greases are thickened with PTFE providing the lubrication, thermal stability, and longevity that’s needed for the scope’s sensitive O-ring and seal assembly. TriboSys™ oils and greases provide thin-film lubrication to elastomeric O-rings while conditioning and protecting the surface from wear and degradation. Endoscope Lubricants Benefits include:

  • Superior Lubrication and O-ring conditioning
  • Smooth, Reliable, and Constantly Instrument Articulation
  • 100% Biocompatible ISO 10993 certified
  • Stable to all forms of sterilization

TriboSys™ Endoscope Lubricants provide device manufactures a drop-in solution to solve numerous lubrication based failure issues. Endoscope longevity heavily depends on proper lubrication selection, therefore utilizing TriboSys™ endoscope lubricants over standard lubricants provides unmatched thermal stability to provide the ultimate protection, safety and shielding characteristics medical lubrication should contain. Hydrocarbon lubricants don’t withstand the rigorous repeated harsh cleaning and disinfection cycles leading to lubricant oxidation and break down. This lubricant break down will eventually lead to O-ring stiffening, swelling, seal failure, button sticking and undesired costly repair downtime.

Is TriboSys™ compatible with scope elastomers and plastics ?

Miller-Stephenson TriboSys™ PFPE (Perfluoropolyether) oils and greases are compatible with most plastics and elastomers that care commonly found in the medical market. TriboSys™ inert greases and oils are used for protecting the numerous important internal seals and O-ring assemblies during endoscope operation, cleaning and sterilization.  Most polymer based medical devices and equipment components contain additional ingredients that include coloring agents, modifiers, fillers, anti-wear additives that can react negatively with specific types of hydrocarbon lubrication. The use of improper endoscope lubrication can result in catastrophic O-ring swelling, cracking and seal failure with growth of bacterial and fungal contamination leading to costly down time and improper patient care. TriboSys™ oils and greases provide a durable, thin-film lubrication layer when applied between plastics or elastomer substrates. These thin-films significantly reduce wear and lower coefficient of friction between these surfaces. Application and use of TriboSys™  lubricants will reduce O-ring and seal swelling, cracking and lubrication break down.

Why TriboSys™ oils and greases?

TriboSys™ Endoscope Lubricants portfolio of greases and oils are PFPE (perfluoropolyether) based systems providing the end user with long-lasting, superior lubrication in a 100% biocompatible, ISO 10993 certified thin-film coatings. TriboSys™  is offered in several different viscosity grades to meet your application requirements, with lower viscosity grades ideal for light loads and temperatures and higher viscosity grades ideal for higher temperature and load requirements. Our lubricants offer unmatched friction reduction on metal to metal, metal to plastic, plastic to rubber, and metal to rubber. This is due to TriboSys™ superior film strength, non-migratory surface affinity and optimized viscosity.  Customers typically observe a significant decrease in component wear and significant increases in O-ring and other rubber component service lives. All variants of TriboSys™ are chemically inert, nonhazardous, non-nutrient and can greatly reduce overall maintenance costs associated with critical and non-critical medical applications by prolonging service cycles. TriboSys™ lubricants are also unaffected by all forms of hospital sterilization without oxidation or degradation.

Why choose Miller-Stephenson Endoscope Lubricants?

Miller-Stephenson provides superior chemical solutions that are formulated for the medical industry and a wide range of critical applications. We are committed to providing our customers with industry-leading customer service, delivery and technical support to ensure our customers are successful. We strategically maintain an east coast and west coast facility to ensure prompt customer service and efficient delivery. Distribution outside North America is handled through authorized distributors. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team that is ready to assist you with your needs.

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