Chemours’ Krytox and Miller-Stephenson’s TriboSys lubricants are the industry leading products for lubricating keyboard internals. With products ideal for lubricating any type of key switch, spring, or stabilizer Miller-Stephenson can assist with identifying the lubricant to fit your need. These lubricants will drastically improve tactile feel, response time, and acoustic properties. Utilizing these lubricants is imperative to any keyboard enthusiast or PC gamer that does not like the performance of their keyboards or needs a competitive advantage. As a result, keyboards will perform “broken in” with smooth and favorable actuations from day one. Lubricating with Krytox or TriboSys will protect the internal components to maintain the optimal performance throughout their lifetime; ultimately, extending the usage of the keyboard. Specifically manufactured as an NGLI grade 0 lubricants, the greases provide the performance of an oil with the ease of application of a grease when spread thinly and uniformly with a brush. Also comes in the convenience of an aerosol can for those who are unfamiliar with applying lubricants with a brush

GPL Oils

Miller-Stephenson offers the entire line of GPL oils although GPL 105 and GPL 106 are amongst the most popular for keyboard applications. Recommended for tactile and click switches as well as springs. Improves the performance of these components by eliminating unfavorable tactile and acoustic properties such as spring jitter. As a result, the keyboard will performance smoother, respond faster, and last longer. Utilizing an oil rather than a grease conserves sound better than a grease will and will allow the end user to feel the keys more.

GPL Oils

TriboSys™ 3203

TriboSys 3203 is a market leading grade 0 lubricant that gives the performance of an oil with the ease of application of a grease. Ideal for tactile and click key switches due to the mechanical makeup of these components, and the low viscosity of TriboSys 3203. Utilized to protect and lubricate these switches to make a new keyboard feel and perform smoothly and eliminate the need to buy old keyboards with indeterminate life left. Will act as a lubricant for life and extends the life of the keyboard at optimal performance.

TriboSys 3203

TriboSys™ 3204

TriboSys 3204 is a superior grade 0 lubricant that acts as a general lubricant for all types of switches due to its middle viscosity. Ideal to be applied with the ease of a grease and the performance of an oil for both tactile and linear switches. When deciding whether to use the TriboSys 3204 instead of the TriboSys 3203 or GPL 205g0 end users need to take into account that a lower viscosity grade 0 grease will allow them to feel the key more and will also be easier to spread than the thicker GPL 205 grade 0. Will also act as a lubricant for life by protecting and elongating the usability of the key switches.

TriboSys 3204

GPL 205 Grade 0

An industry leading grade 0 lubricant that is recommended to be used on linear switches and key stabilizers. GPL 205g0 provides the ideal tactile feel and responsiveness regardless of the age of the keyboard’s components. It also improves acoustic properties such as scratching sounds to make especially newer keyboards feel broken in, not stiff. By lubricating switching it allows a faster response time for a competitive advantage. GPL 205 grade 0 is the thickest of the grade 0 keyboard lubricants and is recommended for those who have experience lubricating switches.

GPL 205 Grade 0

Release Agents/Dry Films

Miller-Stephenson manufactures release agents specifically for the molding process of the keyboards, keycaps, and internal components of keyboards. ReleaSys works to lower reject rates and increases the efficiency of the keyboard parts by offering a robust, ultra-thin film, and cost efficient release agents for all manufacturers of these parts. Miller-Stephenson’s mold release specialist will learn about your manufacturing process, limitations, and conditions in order to identify the ideal release system for your process. With minimal to zero transfer options (paintable and bondable parts), VOC free, and non-silicone solutions that will ultimately improve your bottom line. For standard keyboard application processes, Miller-Stephenson’s ReleaSys 78 or 7800 is the ideal release agent option for those molding keyboard internal parts or keycaps.

ReleaSys™ 78/7800

Miller-Stephenson can help improve your bottom line for manufacturing keyboards, keycaps, and internal switches. The next-generation ReleaSys product line will provide a more cost efficient way to release parts from a mold. Whether it be lowering rejection rates, increasing the number of parts released per coating, or eliminating post molding cleaning by releasing bondable and paintable parts. Part of the reason key switches need to be lubricated is due to imperfections during the molding process, which can be significantly reduced by applying an ultra-thin film of ReleaSys 78 (aerosol) or ReleaSys 7800 (bulk liquid) during the molding process.

ReleaSys 7800

Specialty Aerosols

Miller-Stephenson manufactures specialty aerosols that are utilized in the keyboard industry daily. Manufacturing an ideal cleaner for fine particulates (such as dust) or a specialty solvent specifically designed to remove TriboSys and Krytox oils, greases, and aerosolized solutions. Creating specialty aerosols since 1955, these aerosols are non-flammable, will release the same amount of pressure throughout the life of the can, and have a shelf life of at least 5 years.


All Miller-Stephenson’s lubricants and release coatings be applied to a surface that is as clean as possible. Most of the particulates found in keyboard applications can be removed by pressurized air. MS-222N is non-flammable which renders it safe for manufacturers who operate under these conditions or those who may be near a combustible environment. It also is useful for quick cleanings as it is important to mitigate the number of particulates that may find their way into a keyboard to ensure the longest lifespan of the keyboard internals as possible. Also available as in a low global warming edition with the MS-222L



Over application of a lubricant to the surface of internal keyboard components is fairly common, especially for novice lubricators. Since TriboSys and Krytox are not standard lubricants, they cannot be removed using traditional methods and solvents. As a result, the MS-250 was designed specifically to remove Krytox and TriboSys lubricants. It is important to note that the MS-250 is safe for all standard keyboard materials and will remove all TrboSys and Krytox lubricants. Also available in bulk liquid form with the MS-252.


Custom Formulations

Since 1955 Miller-Stephenson has worked diligently with customer’s engineers and technicians to optimize formulations for specific manufacturing needs. We can provide custom formulations for mold releases, solvents, lubricants, epoxies, and conformal coatings. Miller-Stephenson offer a dedicated team of engineering specialist and formulation chemists who will work closely with you to help identify your specific manufacturing requirements and provide an optimal solution for your needs.

Didn’t find your specific application?

The keyboard industry is a constantly evolving industry, sometimes the product that is needed, simply does not exist. Miller-Stephenson’s dynamic engineering and research teams can quickly address your application and develop a unique solution. Our experts enjoy the challenge of customizing formulations so that every customer’s manufacturing requirements can be met.

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