TriboSys 3203 | Tactile Switch Lubricant

TriboSys 3203 is the thinnest grade 0 grease and therefore is the easiest to spread for novice lubricators. Heavily utilized in the mechanical keyboard for its ability to make a new keyboard feel broken in, ease of application, and non-migrating properties. TriboSys 3203 is a fully fluorinated semi-fluid grease that is almost exclusively utilized on tactile and click switch internals due to its relatively low viscosity index. Benefits of the TriboSys 3203 include:

  • Non-migrating grease ideal for tactile and click switches
  • Easy to apply and more uniform wear of the mechanical switch internals
  • Makes a new mechanical keyboard feel “broken in” and elongates the life of the switches
  • Elimination of “scratching” sound or any other undesirable acoustic properties
  • Elimination of any undesirable tactile properties such as spring jitter