TriboSys 3204 | General Keyboard Lubricant

TriboSys 3204 is in between the thickness of the GPL 205 grade 0 and TriboSys 3203, providing the ideal general switch lubricant for all applications. The grade 0 greases have been utilized extensively within the mechanical keyboard industry due to their ability to make a new keyboard feel “broken in”. TriboSys 3204 is superior to oils and other greases due to its ease of application over other greases and oils, non-migrating properties, and durability. Miller-Stephenson has filled a gap for the mechanical keyboard community by offering a grade 0 fully fluorinated grease at an easy-to-use oil viscosity. Benefits include:

  • Highly stable and non-migrating grease ideal for tactile and linear switches
  • Elimination of “scratching” sound or any other undesirable acoustic properties
  • Elimination of any undesirable tactile properties such as spring jitter
  • Makes a new mechanical keyboard feel “broken in” and elongates the life of the switches
  • Easy to apply and more consistent wear of the mechanical switch internals