Which Epoxy Mold Release Agent is Right For You?

Aerospace is large consumer of epoxies and utilizing an optimal epoxy release agent is critical to achieving their desired needs

Which Epoxy Mold Release Agent is Best For You?

ReleaSys™ and ShieldSys™ product offer superior release coatings, ease of application, cleaner molds, & reliable performance.

Miller-Stephenson has pioneered epoxy mold release agents and solutions since its origins in 1955. Beginning with distribution of epoxy resins, curing agents, fillers, and modifiers, Miller-Stephenson has worked closely with our customers to develop unique and high performance composite solutions.  Soon it was found that high performance epoxy formulations aggressively adhered to any surface it was applied. There needed to be a barrier ( mold release agent) to allow good flow out of the resin and easy release once cured.  Taking on this challenge the first, epoxy mold release agent system was developed and was an instant success.  Continuing from that initial success, Miller-Stephenson has developed epoxy release agents that perform even in the most challenging and aggressive situations.

Benefits of Epoxy Mold Release Agents

  • Ease of application & Rapid Dry Times
  • Zero or Minimal Transfer – No post-molding cleaning or sanding
  • Extended Mold-life and longer intervals between release applications
  • Ultra low-VOC Solvent-based and Zero-VOC Water-based Release Agents
  • Pairs extremely well with our High Performance line of Mold Sealers and Protectors
  • High Temperature and Pressure Stability – will not breakdown or contaminate mold surfaces or parts

Applications for Epoxy Mold Release Agents

Why are release agents needed when molding epoxy resins? Epoxy resins and composites are aggressive compounds which bonding strongly to most surfaces. Removal from these surfaces would require high forces resulting in significant damage to the product and mold. Epoxy mold release agents interrupt the ability of epoxy resins to binding to surfaces.  The epoxy resin is able to fill the mold, cure and release without issue. Miller-Stephenson offer several different coatings both in liquid and aerosol that would suitable for this requirement. PTFE DryFilm, wax, and crosslinking silioxane chemistries each offer their own benefits and drawbacks when evaluating which solution would be best for your operation. Miller-Stephenson offers all three potential solutions. Another important factor is the use of a high performance mold sealer.  ReleaSys MOLD SEALER greatly enhances the anti-stick and release properties of a mold surface and is the ideal compliment to one any ReleaSys™ epoxy mold release agent.

Miller-Stephenson Exclusive Epoxy Molds Release Agents

ReleaSys™ 7200 – Ultra-premium, solvent based hybrid-wax epoxy release system, “wipe on, leave on” coating (no buffing required), does not effect painting, bonding, or gluing, exceptional release of epoxy and composite formulations.

ReleaSys™ 8000 – High Performance, ultra-thin release system, provides high release and lubricity ideal for highly aggressive and high tack epoxy mixtures. For aerosol we recommend the ReleaSys™ 89S

ReleaSys™ EP5 – Miller-Stephenson exclusive fluoropolymer/PTFE coating, effective on nearly all epoxy / composite formulations.  Ultra-fast dry times and compatible with all most surfaces.  Molded item requires no post molding cleaning.

ReleaSys™ DFX – Aerosol version of ReleaSys™ EP5, designed to provide uniform, thin coatings.  Ideal for complex geometries or when the convenience of aerosol spray is needed

ReleaSys™ 7200W – Water-based, Zero-VOC version of the ReleaSys™ 7200, highly effective epoxy release agent that is easy to apply, cost-effective, and compatible up to 800° F curing temperatures

ReleaSys™ 8800 – Water-based, Zero-VOC high performance coating, offers superior release ease, multiple releases from a single application, and is ideal for simple and complex mold geometries.  Improves flow-out and levelling.

ReleaSys™ 8200 – Water-based release system utilizing exclusive small particle PTFE, so provide superior release without effecting any post-molding operations. No post-molding cleaning is required.

ReleaSys™ MOLD SEALER – High crosslinking and durable synthetic resin mold sealer, binds tightly to mold surfaces sealing micro-porosity and curing to a robust, ultra-thin anti-stick coating.  Greatly enhances the consistency and performance of any of our ReleaSys™ epoxy mold release agents

ReleaSys™ Epoxy Release Agents: Advanced Chemistry, Cost-Effective, Efficient – A potent combination

Customers who have transitioned to one of the ReleaSys™ Epoxy release agents have benefited in the following ways:

  • Achieved significantly more mold cycles per shift and higher efficiency production campaigns
  • More molding cycles can be attained per working shift due to efficient release ease and the need to apply the release system less frequently
  • Low mold release application levels resulting in a cleaner molds and working areas
  • Significant reductions in scrap rates related to sticking issues or poor surface quality
  • Molds can remain in production for extended periods of time
  • Complicated parts can be made in a trouble-free manner
  • Molded parts retain consistent cosmetic appearance for longer with significant lower “re-works”
  • Molded parts can be post-painted or glued with little or no surface preparation

50+ years of Industry Expertise at your service

Miller-Stephenson has had a long history in the epoxy resin and composite industries, and our ReleaSys brand of products offer specialized epoxy mold release agents designed to solve today’s toughest release agent challenges  When you purchase a ReleaSys™  mold release agents you gain access to our many years of direct production floor experience and highly trained technical staff. We understand your production issues and can help you optimize your mold preparation, maintenance and release processes to improve your bottom line.

For help with application or troubleshooting concerns while using ReleaSys.

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