Vertrel™ Cleaning Solvents | Preparing Surface for Krytox™ Lubrication

Vertrel™ Cleaning Solvents; Preparing Surface for Krytox™ NRT Lubrication

Rapid Dry Time, Fine Particulate Removal, Easily Recycled and Reclaimed

Specialty cleaning solvents like Vertrel™ are widely used to thoroughly clean hazardous particulates and residue from critical oxygen service parts. These particles and residue in combination with excessive friction can lead to potential explosion or ignition, while leftover particulates may hinder the critical operation of valves, sensors, or controls. Vertrel™ specialty fluid utilizes a proprietary hydrofluorocarbon fluid with zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential that is ideally suited for use in vapor degreasing equipment, cleaning, rinsing, and drying. It can replace current hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and perfluorocarbon (PFC) fluids in most applications. Vertrel is HFC 43-10mee or 2,3-dihydrodeca–fluoropentane; empirical formula C5H2F10. It is a clear, colorless cleaning solvent and has been instrumental in the substrate pre cleaning for the application of Krytox™ performance lubricants. Unique physical properties of Vertrel™ include a high density, low viscosity, and low surface tension. This combined with non flammability, chemical and thermal stability, low toxicity, and ease of recovery by distillation make Vertrel specialty fluids are ideal for a broad range of applications. Solvency is selective but can be enhanced by use of appropriate azeotropes and blends with alcohols, hydrocarbons, esters, and benefits include:

  • Nonflammable
  • Low GDP and VOC-exempt
  • Excellent compatibility with plastics & elastomers
  • Replacement for many HCFC, PFC, and CFC-113 applications

Vertrel™ Cleaning Solvents sets stage for application of Krytox™ NRT Lubricants

After cleaning critical oxygen service parts from residue and dangerous particulates using using Vertrel™ cleaning solvents, this exposes the service parts clean substrate to corrosion and premature wear due to oxidation.Hydrocarbon lubricants are the most widely use lubricants and while their price and relative performance are suitable for many applications, there are critical disadvantages that should be mentioned and outlined below.

Disadvantages of utilizing hydrocarbon lubricants over Krytox™ lubricants

  • Poor thermal stability
  • Poor Chemical and Pressure exposure
  • Hydrocarbon lubricants tend to transfer
  • Hydrocarbon lubricants breakdown to form unwanted carbonaceous, gummy residue

To oxygen service and repair establishments, choosing and utilizing our Krytox™ NRT Series lubrication over conventional hydrocarbon lubricants offer non flammable, chemically inert, thermally stable and complete safety to all areas of the oxygen service and repair markets. The superior film-forming capability of Krytox lubricants provide a thick oil layer that reduces friction and wear, extending equipment life in severe duty applications. The non-oxidizing nature of the oils makes the greases last longer. The oils don’t gum up as they age; so, they won’t harden the greases and cause catastrophic failure.

Advantages of utilizing Krytox Lubricants over Hydrocarbon lubricants

  • Non flammable, Chemically Inert
  • Great thermal stability (melting point of 325 °C (617 °F)
  • low molecular PTFE weight, and submicron (0.2 μm) particle size
  • Greases are thickened with a unique polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

All NRT oils and greases have been tested by West German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM). All NRT oils and greases have been tested by West German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM). Chemours lubricants have been used in oxygen and reactive gas service for decades. Krytox lubricants have been independently tested by organizations, including BOC, Air Liquide, NASA, General Dynamics, and Praxair, and proven acceptable for oxygen and other reactive chemical compatibility. Krytox NRT 8904 grease has been formulated for use in cold to ambient conditions, and is recommended as a cost-effective valve packing and seal lubricant for O-rings.

Miller-Stephenson – An Industrial Leader in Critical Cleaning

Miller-Stephenson started producing aerosols to clean electronics. Today, our mission has expanded to include cleaning solvents  answers that utilize the industry’s most innovative technologies. Miller-Stephenson has optimized clean solutions, and collaborates with equipment makers around the world. Customers can have cleaning studies with Miller-Stephenson fluids performed at no charge in our state-of-the-art applications laboratory. Our “best-practices” approach to critical cleaning makes Miller-Stephenson products more cost-effective than any competing technology and for technical assistance please click here. Lastly our product stewardship provides a complete solution, from choosing the right solvent through implementation with an emphasis on safety and environmental regulations.

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