Krytox™ For Steam Control Valves

Krytox Steam Control Valve Lubricant

Krytox grease meets the need for a continuous lubrication cycle.

Steam control valve lubricant application at a geothermal power plant

The power plant, located in Iceland, utilizes hot steam from the earth, containing 1–4% gas, mostly carbon dioxide and hydrogen disulfide, in temperatures ranging from 120–200 ºC (248–392 °F). A standard hydrocarbon-based grease was unsatisfactory for lubricating bushings for valves that control the flow of high temperature steam containing corrosive gases.

The Challenge

The geothermal power plant needed a steam control valve lubricant that:

  • Is able to withstand presence of acidic gases in high temperature steam
  • Has low friction for accurate control of the valve position
  • Can work in a self-greasing system


The Solution

Krytox GPL 206 grease met the challenge for lubrication of the steam valve bushing. It provided the low static friction and no stick-slip that is required for accurate position control. Krytox GPL 206, like all Krytox oils and greases, can withstand very high temperatures, is nonflammable, inert, and has a low environmental footprint. The power plant now enjoys reduced maintenance, thanks to high performance Krytox lubricants—standing up to tough conditions.

Other Valve Applications

  • Any valve-handling that could react with, degrade, or dissolve standard lubricants. Examples include:
  • Steam
  • Aggressive/reactive gases
  • Chemicals

Fluorinated lubricants from Chemours can also be used successfully in other types of applications. These synthetic oils and greases are ideal for many conditions, such as:

  • Continuous high temperatures up to 288ºC (550 °F)
  • Use around hazardous chemicals
  • Need for low friction coefficient
  • Where flammability is a concern, including reactive gases and oxygen service

GPL 200-207 Greases

Krytox™ GPL 206 Grease

Krytox GPL 206 grease has an Oil Viscosity of 243 cSt at 40°C and the estimated useful temperature range is -36°C to 260°C.Krytox Authorized Distributor


Learn more about the Krytox GPL 206 here.

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