Mold Release Agent for Rubber Molding

Mold Release Agent for Rubber Molding

Reliable Rubber Mold Release, Improved Rubber Flow Out, Cost-Effective – a potent combination.

Miller-Stephenson has pioneered mold release agent coatings for rubber molding for more than 40 years. The ReleaSys product is a designed to perform in today’s higher temperature and shorter cycle production facilities.  Developed in conjunction with our rubber manufacturing customers, ReleaSys Rubber mold release agents provide mold surface with a high lubricity, thin film. The release agent film seals micro porosity, enhances rubber flow out and facilities long lasting release performance.  Durability and abrasion resistance is dramatically increased as well, without any mold build-up or oily residue. The unique chemistry used in mold release agent for rubber mold are used across the globe to make golf balls, airplane door seals, gaskets, floor mats, nitrile seals, etc.  Miller-Stephenson ReleaSys Mold Release Systems deliver the highest performance, cost effectiveness, and release ease available.

Mold Release Agents for Rubber Molding Benefits:

  • Superior part release: ReleaSys mold release agents are formulated to maximize releases per applications and improve surface quality.  The result: Reduced down time and fewer defects.
  • Higher efficiency: ReleaSys was designed to maximize releases per applications and minimize mold fouling, which ultimately leads to less time spend applying mold release agents and less time cleaning up the residue.
  • Non Reactive Coatings: Miller-Stephenson’s rubber mold release coatings contain advanced polymers which rapidly form durable, inert films on the mold surface. The low surface energy release film is resistant all vulcanization practices including peroxide, sulfur, etc.
  • Water based, no VOC emissions, cleaner safer working environments: ReleaSys rubber mold release agents are water based, zero VOC and intrinsically safer
  • Minimal Transfer: ReleaSys rubber mold release agents are designed to crosslink and form a tough, durable film on the mold surface, eliminating transfer.
  • Higher quality parts: ReleaSys is designed  to enhance rubber flow out, smoothness and ease of release. The result are improved surface quality, fewer rejected parts and better output.

Applications for Mold Release Agents for Rubber Molding

  • EPDM, FKM, Fluoroelastomers
  • Silicones and Fluorosilicones
  • Nitrile and Buna
  • Natural and Synthetic Rubbers
  • SBR, Neoprene and peroxide cured rubbers
  • Crumb Rubber

Featured Rubber Release Agent Solutions

ReleaSys™ 7500 – All round rubber release agent combining both ease of application, simplicity and effectiveness. Ideal for high frequency application processes. Effective on all rubber and elastomer compounds. For Crumb and Recycled Rubber applications the ReleaSys™ 7520 is recommended.

ReleaSys™ 8200 – Water based fluoropolymer based release system. Effective when rubber to metal bonding is critical or silicon free is required.  Effective for all rubber and elastomers including silicone rubbers and RTV

ReleaSys™ ECO-W – Water based, designed for release of silicone rubber, LSR and RTV. Biodegradable and water washable, delivers superior release performance on even the most difficult silicone rubbers

Miller-Stephenson Options Available

  • Concentrated or Ready to use
  • Water based or Solvent-based
  • Semi Permanent or Repeated Application
  • Aerosol Formulations or Bulk
  • Custom made formulations

ReleaSys™ – Superior Release Chemistry, Superior Results

  • Superior part release
  • Extended reapplication intervals
  • Minimized build up
  • Cleaner molds
  • Excellent surface cosmetics
  • Less downtime between molds
  • Minimized VOC emissions
  • Various Gloss Levels

Superior Release Coatings & Unmatched Customer Service

For any assistance with proper application, storage, or general tech assistance please see the links below or call our tech support line.  Miller-Stephenson has a team of molding release experts ready to help you.


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