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Conveyor Belt Dry Film Lubricant aerosol

Rapid Drying, Easy to Use, and Innovative Dry Film Lubricant Aerosol

Superior Adhesion, Durability, and Low Coefficient of Friction to Reduce Downtime

Miller-Stephenson’s MS-122 series offers extremely durable, lubricious, and non-stick dry lubricant coatings that utilize proprietary fluoropolymers in our MS-122AD, MS-122ADL, and MS-122XD formulas. These dry film lubricant aerosol solutions offer ultra-thin films, superior surface adhesions, and an ultra-low coefficients of friction. The optimized aerosolized formulations are user-friendly while ensuring quick and easy lubrication and re-lubrication of parts, even in the hardest to reach places. These dry film lubricant aerosol products are often used in major aerospace, aviation, automotive, medical, and industrial plants where mitigating downtime and utilizing long-lasting solutions are imperative. The vast applications are due to these products’ material compatibility with most plastics and rubbers, which will not swell. They also act as superior lubricants for applications where there is metal on metal contact. Additional characteristics such as broad temperature functionality (up to 500 F), stability, and chemical inertness also explain their broad capabilities and applications. Below we will explore our legacy products that have proven to continue to deliver exceptional performance even in an ever-changing manufacturing and lubricating world.

  • Next-Generation fluoropolymer anti-stick and thin-film coatings
  • Superior surface adhesion, ultra-low coefficient of friction, dry film lubricants
  • Easy to use, efficient, and predictable results
  • Compatible with most plastics and rubbers (will not swell)

Proven Advanced Solutions | Comparing our Most Popular Options

MS-122XD: Utilizes a carrier solvent with an ultra-quick evaporation rate and leaves behind an extremely robust and thin-film coating. This formulation is also 100% VOC exempt and offers an extremely lubricious and anti-stick coating. The MS-122XD produces the most refined and smooth finish of the three legacy products that are mentioned in this article.

MS-122AD: Utilizes a more economical carrier solvent to deliver the proprietary fluoropolymer coating with an ultra-low global warming potential. The MS-122AD dries slightly slower than the aforementioned MS-122XD. The coating also may be slightly less refined and give a more “powdery” surface rather than an extremely smooth one as described in the 122XD. However, these downfalls are compensated for in price, as the MS-122AD is also less expensive than the 122XD.

MS-122ADL: Abides by the environmental restrictions of Europe and Canada. It utilizes an ultra-low global warming potential and safe propellant but is otherwise the same as the MS-122AD. There is a very limited amount of propellant in all these formulations; however, any amount of the propellant used in the 122AD and 122XD is illegal in European countries and Canada.

Why Choose Our Dry Film Lubricant Aerosol?

The MS-122 series is extremely reliable and produces consistent and predictable results. MS-122XD, MS-122AD, and MS-122ADL aerosols all spray very dry and have an extremely fast dry time to increase the end-users’ efficiency, elongate maintenance cycles, and increase the life of the part. Our products’ superior formulations are trusted by many major corporations around the world to deliver superior results when it truly matters. Also, for applications that may not be so imperative, the MS-122 series increased durability in standard conditions has proven to be the cost-efficient solution the end-users have been searching for.

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