ShieldSys™ 402 PTFE Wire Coatings

ShieldSys 402 PTFE Wire Coating is a solvent-based system designed to provide robust anti-stick and wear resistance for a variety of applications and substrates. This coating adds high lubricity and low coefficient of friction properties to metal, glass, rubber, and plastic surfaces. Utilization of a specialized binding system allows for enhance durability and wear resistance. ShieldSys 402 solvent-based formulation offers accelerated drying and cure times relative to ShieldSys 815 and 520. Properly applied, it will develop a high adhesion, durable coating that excels on all insulating or conducting applications and as a dry barrier lubricant. Benefits include:

  • High lubricity; Anti-stick properties
  • Enhance wear resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Non-migrating; Non-oil lubricant