Opteon SF05 | Specialty Cleaning Fluid

Opteon™ SF05 is optimized for particulate removal at the sub-micron level. More specifically, it is commonly utilized in precision cleaning to eliminate contaminates from critical parts that tend to bind to the surface of the substrate through electrostatic forces and mechanical entrapment due to the surface geometry of the substrate. Like all Opteon products it has a small environmental footprint and can act as an alternative to the Vertrel X-P10 and many other much more harmful options such as HFC, HFE, and 1,1,1 trichloroethane.

  • Removes sub-micron particles from substrate surface such as dust, fibers, and skin flakes
  • Ideal for: absorption drying, particulate, fingerprint and ionics removal
  • Alternative to Vertrel X-P10
  • Ultra Low GWP, zero ODP, 100% non-flammable