ReleaSys Mold Cleaner | Mold Release Cleaner

ReleaSysTM Mold Release Cleaner is a highly effective way to clean most types of release agents and contaminants off molds and molding equipment. Utilizing our proprietary formula regularly will result in higher quality parts and increase the lifespan of the molds; especially when used in conjunction with a ReleaSys and/or ShieldSysTM release agent or coating.

  • High Performance – A powerful way to clean most release agents and contaminates off molds and equipment
  • General Purpose – Removes most resins, silicones, waxes, grease, oils, buildup, stains, grime, and color deposits
  • Cost-Effective – Decrease scrap rate, higher quality parts, and increase the lifespan of the molds
  • Efficient cleaner – No surface dulling, streaks, or residue left on the surface
  • Eco and user-friendly – All natural ingredients, zero VOC, non-hazardous, water-based