EPI-REZ 3522-W-60

EPI-REZ™ Resin 3522-W-60 is a non ionic, aqueous dispersion of a solid bisphenol A epoxy resin similar to EPON™ Resin 1002F, with an epoxide equivalent weight of 550 to 650 and a Durran’s melting point of 75 to 85 °C. EPI-REZ 3522-W-60 is supplied at a moderate viscosity and is mechanically stable. No organic solvents are present. EPI-REZ 3522-W-60 offers a solvent-free approach to the formulation of film adhesives, fiberglass reinforced plastics, chemical resistant pipe, and electrical dip coatings and varnishes. In addition, EPI-REZ 3522-W-60 can be used in the formulation of coatings where conventional solvent based epoxy resins are normally used.

  • Non-ionic, aqueous dispersion
  • No organic solvents
  • Offers solvent-free formulations