Dip Coating Method

Dip Coating ToughGeometrical Medical Device Designs

Miller-Stephenson’s medical coatings generate extremely thin-film coatings that are desired for dip-coating small medical components and devices. There are several unique and highly efficient advantages to utilizing a dip coating technique over automated pneumatic spray techniques which include complete uniform coverage of tough geometrical substrate designs, minimizing waste by having all excess coating material drip back into the hopper, offers a simplistic repetitive process for coating medical components and finally, reducing the need for elaborate fixturing.

Commonly Dipped Items

• Nitinol Components

• Small Length Vascular Wires/Urological Wires

• Surgical Instruments

• Robotic Components

• Hospital and Lab Equipment

• Dental Equipment

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dont have the coating equipment or experience?

We offer our customers the ability to utilize the coating services of the most highly regarded medical coater in the United States. They provide strictly medical coating operations on some of the worlds most difficult geometrical device designs. This exceptional coating service is offered to any customer or OEM that does not have the ability to coat in-house or is looking to have a complete pre-coated turn-key solution product made and delivered..



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