Case Study

Cost Efficiency

The overall costs, amount of mold release needed, and scrap rate were reduced.

Increased Safety

VOCs and harsh organic solvents in the product and the cleaning process were eliminated.

Increased Uptime

ECO-W is water-washable which streamlined the production and cleaning processes.


A large dental company was in search of a release agent that was safe, easy to clean off the molding materials and parts, and water based. Currently the company was utilizing a silicone spray mold release that was difficult to clean which led to buildup and excessive down time for maintenance. The incumbent product also exhibited high VOCs in the formulation and in the solvents required during cleaning. The product being produced is multiple different types of thermoform plastics off complex plastic composite molds. Miller-Stephenson’s technical prowess assisted them in navigating from a solvent based aerosol to a liquid water based solution.


Utilizing our cross-linking and thin film technology the robust ReleaSys ECO-W was selected by the dental company. Through rigorous testing and being compared to multiple competitor release agents, ReleaSys ECO-W proved to be the highest performing semi-permanent release agent. By using this water-washable and water based ReleaSys ECO-W the customer was able to eliminate all VOCs, remove the need for lengthy solvent-based cleaning, and ultimately switch to a robotic spraying system. The simple water rinse cleaning process streamlined their production process and improved uptime.  More importantly, while the ReleaSys ECO-W does not have any biocompatibility certifications it passed all third-party toxicology tests to render it suitable for this application. 


The next generation chemistry in our ReleaSys ECO-W provided more consistent and predictable results while also increasing the dental company’s production efficiency. By using our water-based and water-soluble solution in a low-pressure robotic spraying system scrap rate, downtime, and costs were all reduced. Eliminating VOCs in the product and maintenance process also created a more worker friendly and safer production environment. Production efficiency was increased since the amount of release agent applied per part was reduced and cleaning was effortless. Due to the third-party toxicology testing and approval, Miller-Stephenson did not have to submit the ReleaSys ECO-W for any testing or certifications. This kept Miller-Stephenson’s costs down and in return the ReleaSys ECO-W was an extremely cost-effective solution for the dental company. Switching to a water-based bulk liquid eliminated the cost of aerosolizing the release agent. Overall, ReleaSys ECO-W offered greater than a 50% decrease in price per fluid ounce. In addition, shipping costs were also reduced since the solution was now non-hazardous.

  • Increased Uptime – Quicker and Easier Cleaning
  • Increased Safety – water based product and simple water rinse cleaning
  • Scrap Rate Reduced – Higher quality parts
  • Cost Effective – Lower price and better results

ReleaSys™ ECO-W

The ReleaSys ECO-W has been thoroughly tested to be highly effective at releasing many different types of substrates including thermoplastics, silicone rubbers, and urethanes To learn more about the water-soluble ReleaSys ECO-W please click below.

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